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Fresh n' Tasty!

Welcome to the best Baja cuisine in the San Fernando Valley. Andy’s Surf N Turf Tacos are your go-to for authentic, uniquely flavored, street style Baja. 

"The SurfnTurf burrito is out of this


Mi casa es su casa
My Place, Your Place, Our Place

The creator, Andy, believes that Baja is an art. He has invested over 15 years of culinary experience into crafting the perfect cooking techniques to achieve fine street style food. Using high quality raw ingredients, FRESH FOOD, and extraordinary cooking techniques. Andy's love for tacos and seafood was combined by his passion for cooking, ultimately creating the fusion of incomparable taste.

Andy and his team are determined to offer the best meals using quality ingredients such as wild caught fish, quality organic farm-raised meat and poultry. Andy’s Surf N Turf Tacos is where you will find authentic Baja flavors ranging from grilled mahi-mahi and smoked tuna to marinated steak and juicy chicken.

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